4-12 вересня 2010


Urban Surfing "Європоліс"

 | 2010-09-05 12:00 | Програма VAP. Відеоінсталяції (Кіностудія)

Video / installation (7 min loop)

This work confronts the spectator with a contemporary vision of the city. It is the result of an investigation of the borders of psychological perception of the urban environment while at the same time exploring and testing the frontiers of the language of video as the medium for its artistic representation. It is an attempt to translate the perceived energy from the city into an energized perception of the city.

Video fragments from Berlin, Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, Moscow and Kiev are united into one powerful stream. By the force of gravitation as it were, the images overlap, rescale, regroup, disintegrate into separate parts and establish new formations. Recognizable and logical architectural elements are transformed into abstract structures. Similar to the way our memory works, some realistic details may be missing, while some are misplaced or set in another context. Initially, seen as it were in movement, they seem chaotic and accidental, subsequently they become more structured and make the spectator a witness of the emergence of a new virtual Europolis.

This video forms part of an ongoing project, URBAN SURFING, which unites a series of videos and photographs (“Crossings”, “Roppongi Blues”, “UrbanSurfing II bw”) Most of them were presented during exhibitions and festivals in Russia and worldwide.

With the support of Samsung.

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